WS1801 automatic water quality sampler

Product overview
With the embedded control technology, WS1801 automatic water quality sampler is an intelligent sampler with complete functions. The built-in unique temporary storage device of water samples can provide uninterrupted mixed water samples. It can be linked with the online monitor to realize the functions of overproof sample retention, synchronous sample retention, and delivery of mixed samples; it is used online with the flow meter, the sampling speed can be automatically adjusted according to the flow rate, and the flow tracking sampling can be performed to realize the continuity of sampling and make the measured water sample more representative. WS1801 automatic water quality sampler also has such protection functions as password protection, power failure protection, etc., can perform timed sampling, time-proportional sampling, flowrate-proportional sampling, flow tracking, external control sampling, serial control and other methods, and can realize remote-controlled sample retention, remote parameter reading and setting, and remote check.
Performance characteristics

Sub-bottle sample reservation: allow to reserve samples in 1 to 25 bottles. The number of bottles depends on the demand.

Sampling function: timing sampling, time ratio, flow ratio, flow tracking, external control sampling, serial port control and other sampling trigger functions.

Sample reservation: standard-exceeding sample reservation, synchronous sample reservation, direct sample reservation, and serial port control sample reservation.

Sample supply: provide uninterrupted mixed water samples to COD, ammonia nitrogen, and heavy metal on-line monitors at the same time.

Record of sample reservation: it can record the bottle number of each sample reserved, reservation time, reservation size, sampling mode, reservation mode, times of reservation, parallel sample number, COD value and NH3N value, and keep latest 1000 data records.

Communication (optional): through the RS232 interface of the instrument, it can realize remote reset, remote start sampling, remote modification of parameters, remote extraction of sample reservation record, and also can upload sample record automatically; and customize the communication protocol for users.

External interface: analog interface for flowmeter, RS232 interface.

Power-off protection: After power failure and recovery during the operation, the instrument can automatically restore the original operation status and the instrument parameters will not be lost after power failure.

Automatic emptying: after every sampling is completed, the system can automatically drain water reserved in the sampling pipe to prevent blocking of the pipe due to the accumulation of water inside it.

Rinsing function: the sampling pipeline can be automatically rinsed before each sampling to ensure the independence and representativeness of each sample collection.

Anti-overflow function: the user can set the number of sample bottles, and stop the sample retention after the reserved samples of the set number of bottles have been completed.

Water sample refrigeration function: the high-efficiency refrigeration devices can be used to keep the retained water samples under the environment of 0°C to 4°C.

Door opening/closing record: It can detect the door opening/closing status of the water sample refrigerator, record the time when the door is opened or closed, and can keep at latest 200 data records.

Power failure record: It can record the time when the instrument is powered off or on, and can keep at latest 200 data records.

Industry application