WS1501 online automatic water quality monitor for CODCr content

Product overview
WS1501 online automatic water quality monitor for CODCr content adopts the potassium dichromate spectrophotometry. A quantitative potassium dichromate solution is added into the sample, silver sulfate is used as a catalyst in a strong sulfuric acid medium, and mercury sulfate is also added as a chloride ion mask. After the mixture is closed and digested at 165°C under high temperature and high pressure, hexavalent chromium is quantitatively converted into trivalent chromium, and the color of the mixture changes. The color change is measured by spectrophotometry to calculate the actual COD value. The amount of dichromate ions consumed is equivalent to that of oxidizable organic matter.
Performance characteristics
High, medium and low precision photoelectric metering devices can ensure the accuracy of the reagents added and the amount of water to be tested;
the corrosion-resistant pressure sensor can monitor pressure changes during the measurement process in real time, send out over-pressure alarm, and then stop automatically to improve safety performance;
the precise temperature compensation algorithm and ambient light elimination device can keep the accuracy consistently regardless of in spring, summer, autumn and winter;
so, it has strong anti-corrosion performance, long service life, and high safety and reliability;
moreover, it has such functions as intelligent fault self-diagnosis, alarm prompt, convenient instrument management and maintenance.
Industry application
Sewage treatment plant, corporate sewage outlet