Atmospheric aerosol laser radar

Product overview
Combining traditional radar technology (radar) and modern laser technology (laser) technology, LR7300 is provided with a dual-channel 532nm semiconductor laser transmitter as the light source, uses active remote sensing monitoring method to analyze the composition structure and temporal-spatial evolution information of atmospheric environmental aerosol particulates, and is suitable for atmospheric monitoring and atmospheric scientific research.
Performance characteristics
1. It has stable design of optical system structure and low testing blind area;
2. With a wide range of working environment, it is suitable for various environments with high temperature, high humidity and extremely low temperature;
3. With integrated design and small size, it can be used to perform fixed-point monitoring and also installed on the vehicle for navigation;
Industry application
it is used for meteorological research, e.g. detecting atmospheric aerosol, boundary layer height, etc.;
the diffusion law of atmospheric environmental pollution over cities, such as industrial smoke and dust emissions, regional air pollution and so on;
monitoring of weather processes, such as atmospheric haze, sandstorms, etc.