VM1700 online VOCS monitoring system

Product overview

1. High accuracy

High-temperature tracing is achieved in the whole process of sample analysis and there is no sample loss during the analysis process;

The testing is performed by the gas chromatography. The analysis method meets the national standard and the measurement is accurate;

The electronic pressure flow control technology (EPC, EFC) is adopted to control carrier gas, air and hydrogen separately to ensure high repeatability and high accuracy of the analysis.

2. Qualitative and diverse

Simultaneous testing of non-methane total hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene and xylene can be achieved by increasing the flow path and a single cycle.

3. Stable and reliable

Full electronic flow control (EPC) is stable and reliable;

the FID detector has the functions of automatic ignition and temperature judgment. After the FID flame is extinguished, the hydrogen and air flow can be automatically shut down to ensure the safety of the system;

the core components are from foreign well-known brands and have high reliability and long life.

4. Real-time monitoring

The time of single cycle is less than 90s, which can ensure real-time monitoring.

5. High intelligence

Automatic calibration and verification are done regularly;

the touch screen type man-machine interface makes operation simple and convenient;

it shall run fully automatically with no personnel on duty required.

Performance characteristics

The standard gas chromatography method is adopted, so that the measurement is accurate.

The high-temperature heat tracing design is adopted in the whole process from sampling to analysis, to avoid the adhesion of VOCs with high boiling points and prevent corrosion of components.

The system is provided with the sampling method that pumping is done via main circuits and intake is done via a bypass analyzer, so as to ensure the response time of the system.

Through three stages of filtering, the system can ensure the service life of the analyzer.

Industry application
It is widely used in the emission monitoring of non-methane total hydrocarbons and benzene series in industrial processes and environmental fields, such as e.g. organized online monitoring of organic waste gas emissions and online monitoring before/after organic waste gas recovery and treatment in petrochemical, fine chemistry, medicine, semiconductor manufacturing, leather processing, printing, spraying, coating, etc.
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