LD1200 ultralow dust

Product overview
LD1200 is a highly sensitive device with robust design. It is provided with the high-temperature extraction sampling system scheme as well as the principle of laser forward scattering to measure particulate matters with high humidity and low concentration in the flue. It is suitable for measuring soot emissions with low temperature and humidity where the wet dust collectors are assembled and the flue gas temperature is below zero (including liquid droplets). This method effectively eliminates the interference of water vapor in the flue gas on the measurement of particulate matter. As the principle of the laser forward scattering method is adopted, the sensitivity of low-concentration measurement is high. The core component of LD1200 system is a light scattering sensor, of which the particulate concentration can be accurately measured to 0.1mg/m³, the certified range is 0-15mg/m³, and the extended range can reach 100mg/m³. The forward scattering sensor has a narrow forward scattering angle, so that the effect of particulate type and refractive index can be minimized.
Performance characteristics

1. The optical structure has the laser forward scattering method with ultra-low range and ultra-high sensitivity, and the lowest testing limit is 0.1/m³.

2. It is provided with advanced high-temperature extraction sampling and high-temperature analysis measurement, which is not affected by moisture.

3. The zero point and range can be automatically calibrated, and the operation is stable and reliable.

4. The purging system can clean the sampling pipeline and optical testing parts regularly, so that the maintenance workload is low_ x000D_.

5. It can achieve sampling at a constant velocity and the sampling speed can be predefined. It can adopt sampling methods, which truly reflect working conditions.

6. With a modular design, it can be installed and maintained conveniently.

7. With friendly man-machine interface, the large-screen menu makes the operation easily.

8. A variety of advanced technologies are adopted. Including: related noise cancellation technology, laser emission power stabilization technology, extremely low noise TIA, interference control and signal integrity design, anti-harsh environment design technology; so, it can provide fast, reliable and accurate quantitative particulate emission data.

9. The design of the instrument minimizes the complexity of on-site installation and many problems caused by on-site installation and debugging.

Industry application
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