WMS1800s outdoor small online automatic water quality monitoring system

Product overview
The WM1800S outdoor small automatic water quality monitoring system (hereinafter referred to as the micro-station) is an outdoor integrated station, which has the characteristics of small footprint, convenient installation and so forth. It meets the requirements of the main building and external supporting facilities required by the automatic water quality monitoring system. It has absolute advantages in the sites of difficult station buildings and the parks where high-density water quality monitoring is required. The micro-station can simultaneously monitor nine conventional parameters in line, including pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, water temperature, permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen. It can realize automatic collection and processing of water samples, real-time and integral-point analysis of five parameters, analysis of water quality instruments, and automatic cleaning and algae removal of pipelines, so that the maintenance workload is small. Covering an area of about 1m2, the system can be installed easily and is equipped with integrated air conditioner to maintain constant temperature and humidity and ensure the stable operation of the system. The outdoor cabinet has a protection level of IP54 or higher, is provided with the functions of rain/lightning protection, power failure, flooding, smoke, temperature and humidity alarms, and can be unattended around the clock.
Performance characteristics
Covering an area of less than 1m2, it is installed flexibly and can be hoisted as a whole;
it can monitor nine conventional parameters (pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, water temperature, permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen);
The method specified in the national standard is adopted, so that data consistency is as good as the laboratory standard method;
The outer layer made of stainless steel offers powerful rain and rust resistance;
Multi-level lightning protection device can guarantee the power supply and communication safety of the system;
The built-in intelligent temperature control system can automatically adjust the internal temperature;
It has the functions of ultrasonic cleaning, air back flushing and algae removal by ozone;
It has up to 8 channels of high-definition video surveillance;
It is provided with an all-round smoke, flooding, temperature/humidity monitoring and alarm system.
Industry application
It can be widely used in water quality monitoring fields in surface water (river, lake, reservoir), urban river, urban pipe networks, grid water quality, drinking water source, estuary and so on.
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