AQ7000 continuous and automatic air quality monitoring system

Product overview
The AQ7000 continuous and automatic air quality monitoring system is composed of sampling devices, calibration device of gas analyzer, particulate analyzer, meteorological system, data acquisition system of substations, services at central terminals, etc. The system has such advantages as high sensitivity, mature technology, good stability and low maintenance. It can perform 24h continuous and automatic monitoring of ambient air quality, real-time monitoring of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, ozone and other gaseous factors, particulates PM10 and PM2.5, five meteorological parameters, as well as real-time and continuous reflection of regional air quality status. The data acquisition system can collect and store monitored data, and transmit the monitored data and equipment's operating status information to the central computer regularly or in real time according to the instructions of the central server. The system is provided with a modular acquisition integration mode, so that all units are relatively independent from each other and are self-contained, stable and reliable, and standardized digital interfaces are used for connecting between the units to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the whole system.
Performance characteristics

1. Gaseous monitoring factors: SO, NO, CO, O 2 X 3

2. Atmospheric particulate monitor: PM10, PM2.5

3. Meteorological parameter monitoring factors: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, and the factors of rainfall, noise, radiation, etc. can be selected as well.

4. Quality control system: dynamic calibrator, zero gas generator

5. Data analysis system: data acquisition instrument in substation, central server

6. Urban environmental photography system: visibility monitoring system, indoor/outdoor security system

Industry application