Refrigeration component leak detection solution

Program overview
Workpieces are subject to a vacuumizing and helium spraying based leak detection. The system is manually controlled from the start of the leak test to the display of the test results, with auxiliary vacuumizing and helium spraying based leak detection equipment designed specifically for the customer's workpieces. The equipment will first vacuumize the inspected workpiece to a specified vacuum degree and then manually sprays helium with a gun at the suspected leak points, ; the helium spraying method shall applied to the gas tightness testing of the helium mass spectrometer,, by which the device determines the qualified and unqualified in the inspected workpiece.
Scheme composition
This solution consists of inspection platform tooling, a helium mass spectrometer leak detector and an electrical control system.
Scheme features
1. Jigs and fixtures of custom design can be made according to customers' different products; Simple to operate and easy to use
2. The equipment is provided with a precision filter device, which can effectively prevent debris and particles or copper powder from entering the instrument;
3. Multi-mode function input and output, easy to connect with various automation devices.
Industry application
Midea Air Conditioners Co., Ltd.