Differential pressure

Product overview
The instrument is equipped with a special low-leakage and reliable pneumatic valve set and a high-sensitivity and high pressure-resistance leakage detection sensor (pressure sensor or flow sensor). The instrument has extremely high direct pressure resolution and detection sensitivity, and has powerful functions such as extended output, multi-channel parameter setting and selection, large-capacity record storage, communication processing, quality detection and data transmission. The operation of the instrument is simple and convenient, and it can realize the manual or automatic test of the tested product under different conditions
Performance characteristics
The instrument uses the differential pressure sensor as the pressure sensing element. By filling compressed air or nitrogen of specified pressure into the measured object (product), it can detect whether the measured object has leakage and the magnitude of the leakage flow according to the change of the internal pressure. Firstly, the air-tight leak detector fills the regulated gas into the standard object or standard end and the measured object at the same time, and then stops the inflation to maintain pressure. During the pressure maintaining process, it senses the pressure difference between the measured object side and the standard object side (i.e. the differential pressure between the measured object and the standard object) caused by leakage through a high-sensitivity differential pressure sensor.
Industry application
Automobile, new energy, electronics
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