Product overview
The instrument uses the high-precision mass flowmeter as the core detecting device, and uses large-flow and low-leakage pneumatic valves to control the system flow. The functions of leak detection and flow monitoring can be effectively completed under the multifunctional software platform independently developed by Wanyi. And it can conveniently realize data interconnection and improve quality control
Performance characteristics
By filling compressed air of specified pressure into the measured object (product) and keeping it pressurized, this instrument can detect whether the measured object (product) has leakage and the magnitude of the leakage flow by measuring the change of flow rate on the flow sensor. Firstly, the leak detector fills the measured object with the regulated gas, and maintains the inflation state. By collecting the data of high-sensitivity flow sensor, it senses the change of gas flow caused by leakage, that is, the leakage flow of the measured object.
Industry application
Automobile, new energy, electronics