Vacuum chamber leak detection system for household refrigeration industry

Product overview
The equipment is suitable for leakage detection of expansion valves, stop valves, compressors, liquid storage tanks, outdoor units and heat exchangers of household air conditioners. It can be equipped with a material handling system to realize automatic in-and-out chamber, reduce labor intensity, and meet 24-hour automatic unmanned production. The helium recovery system can realize helium recycling, which can greatly reduce the use-cost. The remote monitoring function is optional.
Performance characteristics
1. The size of vacuum chamber can be customized according to the size of workpiece; the equipment size and layout can be customized according to the workshop;
2. There are multiple optional ways to open the vacuum chamber: drawer type, lifting type, bell jar type, tunnel type, etc., which can be customized;
3. High-end configuration, standardized design and production, and stable and reliable performance;
4. The multi-chamber linkage design can realize flexible production with a production rhythm as high as 20-60S/chamber;
5. The helium can be recycled, with a recovery rate as high as 98%;
6. The system has automatic helium cleaning function, which can quickly and efficiently clean the helium pollution caused by leaking workpieces;
7. The system integrates industrial IoT technology, and the detection process can realize intelligent production such as real-time storage, monitoring and diagnosis;
8. The helium purification system (optional) can be selected to further improve the utilization rate of helium and reduce the production and detection cost;
9. The workpiece handling system (optional) can be selected to realize full-automatic detection and 24-hour full-automatic unmanned production;
10. Customized upper computer software development services can be provided according to clients' manufacturing and MES requirements.
Industry application
Evaporators and condensers of conditioners and refrigerators, whole-set air conditioners