SFJ-16M modular helium mass spectrometer leak detector

Product overview
SFJ-16M is a modular helium mass spectrometer leak detector with light modular structure design. Because of its small overall size, it is very easy to be integrated into the industrial leakage test equipment. It can realize the detection of helium or hydrogen, which is suitable for various detection requirements. SFJ-16M is suitable for low-pressure and high-pressure detection, which can be used for low-pressure detection in vacuum or local high-pressure detection by using sniffing line.
Performance characteristics
1. Compact modular design, which is convenient for users to customize and integrate into the leak detection system;
2. German made molecular pump, double iridium band ion source which has strong antioxidant capacity;
3. Realize the diversity of communication through various analog and digital interfaces;
4. Short starting time, fast signal response and clearing speed;
5. High reliable leak detection efficiency;
6. Intelligent fault prompt and alarm function.
Industry application
Electricity, refrigeration, lithium battery
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