Fifth-generation SFJ-231D helium mass spectrometer leak detector for semiconductor

Product overview
Helium mass spectrometer leak detector is an instrument for rapid positioning and quantitative measurement of leakage of sealed containers. Compared with bubble identification method, pressure decay method and halogen leak detection method, the helium mass spectrometer leak detection method has high detection sensitivity, high speed and wide application range. In addition, the helium mass spectrometer leak detector selects non-toxic, non-destructive and light inert gas helium as the search gas, so it is safe and reliable.
Performance characteristics
1. German made molecular pump, double iridium band ion source;
2. Unique gas circuit design, relatively low particulate interference;
3. The function of self-protection prevents the background from being polluted;
4. Automatic evacuation pressure and time setting, high leak detection efficiency;
5. Fault prompt and alarm function;
6. Wireless remote control function (optional);
7. Functions of real-time monitoring and automatic recording of leak detection curve;
8. The leakage rate value can be read in display modes of digital, bar and trend charts;
9. One-click automatic clearing of helium background;
10. Multiple leak detection modes: coarse detection, fine inspection, ultra-fine inspection and sniffing mode.
Industry application
Scientific research
New energy battery
Automobile refrigeration
Military industry
Analytical instruments
Power plants
Nuclear industry
Pressure vessels
Precision machining
Medical instrument/meter
Vacuum furnace, coating equipment and other devices or systems
High vacuum and ultra-high vacuum engineering
Semiconductor and other industries