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Online monitoring system for VOCs at plant boundary

Program overview
The plant boundary VOC system provides real-time monitoring of various industrial pollution source emissions, disorganized emissions, and plant boundary organics. This series of online gas chromatography analyzer adopts international advanced technology, with stable and reliable performance, high automation and wide detection range, capable of measuring many parameters such as VOCs, total hydrocarbon (THC), non-methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC), benzene and benzene series. It can track and monitor the concentration and emission rate of VOCs continuously and in real time, and transmit all the monitored parameters to the industrial computer software and the user's DCS system, and can communicate with the data system of the environmental protection departments through the data acquisition instruments.
Scheme composition
Gas analyzer, meteorological system, sub-station data acquisition system, central server
Scheme features
1. Easy operation and maintenance;
2. With real-time field data transmission, remote fault diagnosis and other functions;
3. Realize the unattended work site;
4. The whole system sees simple structures, modular design, strong stability and low running cost.
Industry application
Plant boundaries of petrochemical parks and industrial parks