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VM-1700 VOC online monitoring system

Program overview
Aiming at the urgent demands of VOCs emission monitoring from fixed sources such as petrochemical, electronic semiconductor, industrial coating, packaging and printing industries, Anhui Wanyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. launched its independently-developed VM-1700 VOC online monitoring system. The system is mainly composed of sampling probes, heating lines, VOC analyzers and electronic control units.
The VM-1700 VOC system is based on the principle of gas chromatography technology (GC-FID) and enables the monitoring of characteristic factors such as methane/non-methane total hydrocarbon and benzene series (benzene, toluene, xylene).
Scheme composition
VOCs monitoring subsystem; Particulate monitoring subsystem; Flue gas parameter measurement subsystem; Data acquisition and processing unit; Control subsystem
Scheme features
1. High reliability: the detector has double columns sharing one FID detector, so as to prevent data "reversal" caused by detector inconsistency;
2. Easy maintenance, low maintenance costs: The VM1700 VOC online monitoring system is an automatic injection system, which automatically completes the injection and acquisition as controlled by the main control board; The sampling signal is collected and connected to the upper computer through the hub. The system can be wired simply and installed and maintained conveniently;
3. High measurement accuracy: The VM 1700 VOC online monitoring system adopts high-temperature tracing double-column parallel back-blow chromatography separation technology, which can automatically measure and analyze the contents of methane and total hydrocarbon, and calculate the content of non-methane total hydrocarbon by the difference between the total hydrocarbon and the methane content, thus greatly shortening the analysis cycle. Besides, the high-temperature tracing technology developed for high boiling point non-methane total hydrocarbon significantly reduces the chromatographic peak spreading of high boiling point non-methane total hydrocarbon.
Industry application
Oil refining and petrochemicals, organic chemicals (coatings, synthetic materials, adhesive production, tire manufacturing), semiconductor and electronic equipment manufacturing, packaging and printing, pharmaceutical chemicals, paper industry, texti