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AQ7000 normal air station

Program overview
The AQ7000 normal continuous and automatic air quality monitoring system is a standard air quality monitoring station. It can monitor SO2, NO, NOX, CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10 and other normal air pollutants. Its monitoring method meets the requirements of Chinese environmental monitoring standards and U.S. EPA certification. Its SO2 detection was done by UV fluorescence method, NO/NOx detection by chemiluminescence method, CO detection by gas filter correlation infrared absorption method, O3 detection by UV absorption method, and particulate detection by beta-ray method. The AQ7000 system is equipped with a dynamic calibrator (with an ozone generator and a photometer) and a zero-air generator, which can calibrate the system monitoring instruments so as to ensure the measurement accuracy of the instruments.
Scheme composition
gas analyzer, calibration device, particulate analyzer, meteorological system, sub-station data acquisition system, central server
Scheme features
1. Standard modular design, convenient for maintenance, upgrading and expanding;
2. Organic combination of foreign core technology and domestic technology, with high product cost performance;
3. Real-time transmission of field data and remote fault diagnosis;
4. Adaptive to a variety of communication (data transmission) methods, compatible with a variety of transmission protocols, capable of achieving multi-level networking;
5. Simple operation, low maintenance and low cost;
6. The system has power failure protection function and self-diagnosis function;
7. Multi-level password protection for system data and parameter settings and the ability to deny unauthorized password access;
8. The monitoring instrument and data processing software system are of full Chinese interfaces, easy to operate and suitable for Chinese users;
9. The data "backfill" function of the acquisition system ensures the integrity of the data.
Industry application
1. Urban ambient air monitoring stations, background stations, regional stations used by the environmental monitoring departments of various cities
2. Monitoring of ambient air quality by pollution source emission industries
3. Ambient ai