Smart environment

Ambient air grid monitoring and control solution

Program overview
The ambient air grid monitoring system, as per the monitoring requirements of the grid, employs the management of a remote monitoring platform to achieve grid-based management of regional air pollution prevention and control; This solution accurately identifies and manages local pollution emissions, using a combination of integrated three-dimensional monitoring technology and manual management, so as to achieve a multi-level grid-based management system with full monitoring coverage, no-dead-end supervision and round-the-clock monitoring.
Scheme composition
It is supported by the deployment of gridded micro-stations and based on the gridded cloud platform in the form of one map, realizing real-time data collection, data management, statistical analysis, traceability analysis, task management, early warning and forecasting, monitoring and evaluation of front-end monitoring stations, forming a multi-level grid-based supervision system and providing real-time and effective pollution control and prevention monitoring capabilities for environmental supervision and enforcement departments.
Scheme features
The gridded point arrangement, diversified management structure, front-end equipment - platform management analysis - APP information transmission - on-site enforcement, etc., truly achieve "all-round, whole-process, full-element" no-dead-end monitoring, integrated pollution judgment, thus providing "target guidance" and "accurate navigation" for the implementation of the pollution-control campaign.
Industry application
1. Gridding project at a city in Hebei 2. Ambient air microstation monitoring project at a place in Shandong