Smart environment

Atmospheric particulate traceability solution

Program overview
This solution, based on the characteristics of laser radar, which can quickly scan and monitor a wide range of space, adopts a combination of fixed-point monitoring and mobile monitoring technologies to monitor the distribution, concentration and changing patterns of regional atmospheric particulate pollution, and meanwhile realizes accurate monitoring of pollution sources and traceability through the platform management system, thus providing effective means for quick traceability of regional pollution and accurate pollution control.
Scheme composition
This solution adopts remote platform management, which, based on different monitoring modes such as fixed-point monitoring and mobile monitoring, generates a variety of targeted pollution color graphs and analysis reports, and provides specific pollution prevention and control recommendations and prevention measures through the observation of real-time pollution color graphs for quick traceability and comprehensive analysis of reports, so as to achieve the regulatory requirements of precise pollution control.
Scheme features

Stereoscopic monitoring: high temporal-spatial resolution, capable of wide-scale monitoring of particulate pollution levels;

Rapid traceability: real-time continuous monitoring, capable of quick identification of pollution sources.

Industry application