Smart environment

Fugitive emission regulation solution

Program overview
The fugitive emission regulation solution will, through the real-time monitoring of fugitive emission in plants/parks, gather all kinds of data to the regulation platform, effectively grasping and scientifically analyzing the data of fugitive emission distribution, concentration and changing patterns, etc., and carrying out intelligent and scientific regulation and management based on the analysis results, thus realizing the collaborative control process of pollutant source supervision and real-time inspection of control effect, providing technical support for improving the overall management efficiency and reducing the control difficulty of the management in such parks and plants, and achieving the transformation of fugitive emission to organized management.
Scheme composition
Through the real-time monitoring of the regulatory platform, and combined with the setting of air quality micro-stations at the main nodes, as well as video surveillance and other means, the real-time dynamic monitoring approaches will achieve real-time monitoring and management of dust producing points, process sections, road vehicles and other fugitive emission pollution in parks or plants, and can provide real-time feedback on the effectiveness of regulatory measures and other information so as to achieve the purpose of organized management and control of fugitive emission.
Scheme features

Full-process emission monitoring: comprehensive monitoring of all types of fugitive emission pollution sources in the region, and accurate control of the pollution process, achieving emission reduction at the sources.

Intelligent management and control: relying on the platform's real-time data and dynamic video supervision, and combined with big data analysis, data analysis and computing model, as well as the trend analysis and traceability analysis of fugitive emissions, achieving early warning and prediction of fugitive emissions.

Industry application