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Integrated monitoring solution for ultra-low emissions in the iron and steel industry

Program overview
According to the relevant requirements of the Opinions on Promoting the Implementation of Ultra-Low Emissions in the Iron and Steel Industry (HDQ [2019] No. 35, hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), the Metallurgical Environmental Protection Specialized Committee of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry has organized relevant iron and steel enterprises, environmental protection enterprises and research institutions to propose a comprehensive solution for the transformation of existing iron and steel enterprises for ultra-low emissions.
Scheme composition
This solution is mainly divided into management and monitoring of organized emission and management and monitoring of fugitive emission.
1. In accordance with the Opinions and the requirements of the Technical Specification for Application and Issuance of Pollutant Permit - Iron and Steel Industry (HJ 846-2017), a comprehensive survey of the corresponding organized emission sources of the whole plant will be conducted, a list of organized emission sources will be established, and the technical routes of treatment and monitoring measures will be clarified as well.
2. Iron and steel enterprises see numerous fugitive emissions, which are widely distributed at random times, with pollution diffusion of mutual influence and interference and close relationship with the production process, so the fugitive emission management shall rely on comprehensive control measures including source management, process control and system management and control.
Scheme features
1. In response to the policy requirements, the monitoring will be divided into two types: fugitive emission and organized emission, with specific configuration in detail to be described, respectively.
2. Platform software will be specifically developed for the iron and steel industry, collecting online monitoring data of organized and fugitive emissions, and analyzing the same.
3. Rich means of monitoring and warning can enable notification of "out of limits" found in monitoring and equipment failures;
4. A complete data interface will be provided to ensure the expandability of the platform.
5. Data analysis will be diversified to provide effective regulatory means for consumers.
Industry application
Major iron and steel plants