Smart environment

Integrated solution for "measurement and management" of motor vehicle exhaust on urban roads

Program overview
The remote motor vehicle exhaust sensing device monitoring system can accurately measure carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOX) emitted from vehicles within 0.7 seconds. The exhaust components CO and CO2 are measured by the laser diode absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS technology) in the near-infrared band, HC and NO are measured by the ultraviolet differential absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) with ultraviolet light source, the opacity is measured by a green light source with a wavelength of 550-570nm, and the Ringelmann Blackness is photographed by video camera equipment. These harmful gases and particulates, especially hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides as SOA precursors, are important causes of urban haze.
Scheme composition
This solution describes the background significance and policy basis of remote motor vehicle exhaust sensing device, as well as the system composition and configuration of three forms of our product YC7500.
Scheme features

The fixed remote motor vehicle exhaust sensing device monitoring system can realize unattended operation without affecting the normal movement of vehicles, and online remote non-contact sensing of motor vehicle real-time emission data in typical sections, showing fast speed and high degree of automation, with the following main characteristics.

1. Online monitoring of motor vehicle exhaust emissions in cities and towns.

2. Identify and screen out highly polluting vehicles

3. Regulation of vehicles with black exhaust emissions based on monitoring data

4. Vehicle condition/project evaluation

5. Exemption of vehicles to avoid waste of social resources

6. Accelerate the retirement of old vehicles

Industry application
Ecological and environmental departments at all levels