Smart environment

Integrated solution for "safety and environment emergencies" in smart parks

Program overview
With the rapid development of information technologies such as big data, "Internet+" and AI, these technologies are becoming an important means to promote the modernization and informationization of park monitoring and management. Therefore, the intelligent management of parks is one of the important means to ensure the efficient, safe and stable operation of parks in the new era. Under the new development situation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, it is necessary to informatize parks' safety and environmental protection management systems, apply high-tech means to effectively and intelligently manage production safety, environmental monitoring and emergency management, and conduct in-depth mining and analysis of the monitored and controlled data to better provide data support services for the management departments, which is an inevitable requirement of the smart park management.
Scheme composition
1. The park monitoring network: the production safety monitoring and control, the ecological and environmental monitoring and control, the emergency monitoring, and the online, mobile and portable monitoring means will provide data support for parks' production safety supervision, environmental control, and emergency command.
2. The "safety and environment emergencies" intelligent management platform for parks: the intelligent safety, intelligent environmental protection, emergency command management and other intelligent applications will constitute an intelligent park management platform so as to improve the levels of scientific control abilities in the parks' production safety, environmental supervision and emergency response, thus reducing safety risks and environmental risks, and improving the management efficiency of park business.
Scheme features
1. Data sharing: break information isolated islands and data chimneys, integrate and share data form multi-departments such as safety, environmental protection and emergency response, and build an interactive and unified park management platform.
2. Three-dimensional monitoring: the multi-angle, high-coverage monitoring network will provide accurate and comprehensive sensing data for safety, environmental protection and emergency response of smart parks, becoming the data hunter in park control.
3. Refined management: establish park files and enterprise files, conduct multi-dimensional analysis and assessment of the enterprises and parks relying on the monitoring and investigation data, optimize the refined management of parks, improve management efficiency, and contribute to safe and healthy development of parks.
Industry application
Industrial parks
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