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Toxic and hazardous risk warning system solution for chemical parks

Program overview
Chemical parks are the most important place gathering dangerous chemicals, toxic and hazardous substances, and the problems of heavy environmental pollution and high environmental risks there are more prominent. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has released the Technical Guidelines for the Construction of Toxic and Hazardous Gas Environmental Risk Early Warning System (Draft for Comments) to further clarify the necessity of monitoring and early warning of toxic and hazardous gases in industrial parks, and to regulate and guide the construction of toxic and hazardous gas monitoring and early warning system in parks. This solution will establish a three-dimensional toxic and harmful gas monitoring network of "points, lines and planes" in parks, cooperate with VOCs and other monitoring technologies to achieve comprehensive mapping of toxic and harmful gases in chemical parks, as well as pollution control, odor complaint tracing and risk early warning, and implement all-round monitoring and protection of toxic and harmful gases to avoid the occurrence of environmental pollution incidents. This solution will achieve precise traceability of characteristic pollutants in chemical parks, realize targeted treatment, reduce environment-related complaints, provide data support for prevention and control of toxic and harmful gases in chemical parks, and guarantee the green and healthy development of parks.

Scheme composition
1. Toxic and harmful gas three-dimensional monitoring network: improve parks' toxic and harmful gas monitoring network of "points, lines and planes", and cooperate with VOCs monitoring vehicles, thus achieving comprehensive mapping of toxic and harmful gases in chemical parks as well as early warning of risks.
2. Toxic and harmful gas risk early warning and monitoring platform: Based on the toxic and harmful gas monitoring network, the early warning platform will collect in real time the monitoring data from the field end, intelligently integrate and analyze the data, find abnormal pollution emissions in time, early warn of pollution events, and accurately trace pollution events, so as to enhance the monitoring and early warning capabilities of toxic and harmful gases in chemical parks, reduce environmental risks, and improve the control efficiency.
Scheme features
1. Three-dimensional monitoring: achieve whole-process supervision of toxic and harmful pollution emissions through the improved online and mobile monitoring and early warning system.
2. Active early warning: realize multi-level early warning and alarm notification by setting different levels of toxic and hazardous gas monitoring and warning thresholds so as to improve the level of risk prevention in chemical parks.
3. Multi-dimensional data analysis: Provide various forms of analysis such as early warning analysis of "out-of-limits" data, abnormal data analysis, traceability analysis and daily emission analysis, thus assisting parks in the formulation of toxic and harmful gas prevention and control measures and continuously improving the ecological environment of parks.
Industry application
Chemical parks, chemical production concentration areas