Smart environment

Integrated management platform for water environment monitoring

Program overview
The purpose of this platform is to establish a long-term mechanism for water environment management, strengthen water environment management and monitoring and regulatory capacity building, and, relying on the water environment, water ecology and other monitoring networks, monitor human activities and give timely warning of water environment risks through the establishment of intelligent water environment monitoring platform.
Scheme composition
The water environment quality online monitoring platform employs modern sensors, automatic measurement, automatic control, computers and other technologies as well as relevant special analysis software and communication network to carry out real-time online monitoring and statistical analysis of surface water, drinking water sources, marine water and other water environment quality, thus providing decision support for environmental regulatory departments in prevention and control of water environment pollution.
Scheme features
Accurate information on the current status of emissions and timely detection of abnormal pollution emissions
Intelligent diagnostics to improve equipment operation rate
Intelligent data filtering to ensure data quality
High software compatibility, supporting the water station data transmission of the domestic mainstream manufacturers
Industry application
Suzhou Hudong Chemical Concentration Area Intelligent Environmental Service Project