Drinking water solutions for food industry

Program overview
Simple, fast, accurate and comprehensive solutions are current required in various industries. Anhui Wanyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is your best choice if you are looking for solutions for drinking water testing systems in the food industry. The drinking water system solutions of Anhui Wanyi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. for the food industry provides you with solutions corresponding to various instruments, such as liquid chromatograph, ion chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, etc., which are suitable for the testing of inorganic non-metal indicators, metal indicators, organic indicators, pesticide indicators, disinfectants and disinfection by-product indicators of drinking water, and can meet the inspection methods of drinking water hygiene standards.
Scheme composition
1. Application scenarios: requirements for testing drinking water quality, radiation bottled drinking water, natural mineral water and related water in the food industry.
2. Provide instruments: liquid chromatograph (ultraviolet, fluorescence,
Scheme features
1. Many types of instruments can meet the sanitary testing standards for drinking water, has a variety of models to choose, and can be expanded to build a system combining different instruments to meet multi-faceted needs;
2. It can provide a full set of application support programs and conduct on-site training.
Industry application
1. Application scheme for testing of carbaryl, deltamethrin and other indicators in drinking water by liquid chromatograph
2. Application scheme for determination of inorganic non-metallic indicators in drinking water by ion chromatograph
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